December 14, 2022

QR Codes for Higher Ed Marketing


Sujoy Roy

If you work in higher education marketing, chances are you've considered using QR codes to reach prospective students. But what are QR codes, and how can they be used effectively in higher ed marketing? Keep reading to find out.

What are QR codes, and how can they be used in marketing for higher education institutions?

QR codes are revolutionary tools that offer a creative, convenient way for higher education institutions to promote their services and programs. By encoding data in a 'scannable' barcode format, these codes can be used to share websites, product information, text messages, and other content with potential students. 

When prospective students scan the code with their smartphones or tablets, they are instantly directed to an institution's webpage, where they can learn more about what the school or program offers. With QR codes, universities and colleges can enjoy increased marketing reach – even allowing prospective students who stumble upon the code online to connect directly with their brand.

Moreover, in addition to providing higher education institutions with an innovative marketing tool, QR codes also help streamline processes which can translate into more enrollments each year.

How can QR codes reach potential students interested in your school?

QR codes provide an effective way to reach potential students who might be interested in your school.By generating a QR code, you can quickly and easily redirect smartphone users to information about your school through a link.

For example, if you have a website or social media page that provides detailed information about what sets your school apart from the competition, such as academics, financial aid, or student achievements, you can generate a custom QR code for each of these pages that directs smartphone owners directly to that information with just a single scan.

Utilizing this technology will likely increase inquiries from prospective students who appreciate the ease of access and convenience associated with QR codes.

What are some creative ways to use QR codes in your marketing campaigns?

QR codes can be an excellent way to make your event marketing campaigns more engaging and interactive. Instead of simply telling potential students about your upcoming events, you can use QR codes to give them an extra layer of information or a unique experience.

Additionally, you can include QR codes in your print campaigns that take people directly to an event page on your website, making it easier for them to purchase without having to search for what they’re looking for. Using creative QR code tactics will leave students with a memorable experience while providing additional marketing opportunities.

Are there any drawbacks to using QR codes in marketing efforts?

Although QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in marketing efforts, institutions should be aware of some drawbacks. One of the most significant is the lack of compatibility across different devices. Additionally, depending on how much content is linked to the code, download times can be tough on customers with slow internet connection speeds.

Finally, due to the novelty factor surrounding QR codes, many institutions have found them hard to use for the right types of experiences. For example, using a QR code to get students to register for an event is a great way to convert more registrations.

How can you measure the effectiveness of using QR codes in your marketing campaigns?

Measuring the effectiveness of QR codes in marketing campaigns is an effective strategy for gauging success. You can measure the increase in conversion of registrations across multiple channels, such as email, print, or ads. Additionally, surveys are another great way to measure customer engagement with your marketing campaign featuring QR codes - include questions regarding their experience while using the code and whether they intend to use one again. With these metrics at your fingertips, you'll have the insights to optimize future campaigns featuring a QR code!

QR codes are an interesting and engaging way to connect with potential students. By providing a quick and easy way for them to get information about your institutions, you can reach more people interested in learning more. There are many creative ways to use QR codes in your marketing campaigns, so experiment and find what works best for you. Although there are minor drawbacks to using QR codes, the benefits generally outweigh the benefits.

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