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People love using VisitDays
Given that two-thirds of high school students say that conversations they have on online platforms influence their decision on where to enroll in college - this allows us a tool in which we can inform interested students about our schools, programs, and various opportunities.

Ken, Director of Admissions & Enrollment, Foxcroft

People love using VisitDays
I love how we were able to create Virtual Open House events that incorporated live and pre-built sessions. The team at VisitDays has also been incredible - just so responsive and helpful. VisitDays has been an excellent investment!

Alick L, Recruitment and Admissions Specialist

People love using VisitDays
The customer support is excellent. If I ever have a question, the VisitDays team responds very quickly. I also like how there are so many different ways to connect with prospective students.

Darrell K, Admissions Assistant

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How to create great attendee experiences at a virtual fair

Virtual events such as open houses, accepted students day, fairs, and other experiences present a tremendous opportunity for institutions to get.

How to create great attendee experiences at a virtual fair

Virtual events such as open houses, accepted students day, fairs, and other experiences present a tremendous opportunity for institutions to get.

How to create great attendee experiences at a virtual fair

Virtual events such as open houses, accepted students day, fairs, and other experiences present a tremendous opportunity for institutions to get.

The Impact of VisitDays Technology on Schools Today

This article discusses the transformative impact of VisitDays technology on K-12 schools today. Technology has revolutionized education by introducing features such as seamless scheduling, efficient appointment booking, QR code check-in, interactive video conferencing, comprehensive resource libraries, timely automated texting, and webchat support.

Enhancing Hands-On Support in Remote Rural Education: The Power of Virtual Technology

This article highlights the importance of virtual technology in enhancing hands-on support in remote rural education. Virtual technology offers connectivity, saves time, provides personalized guidance, and grants access to comprehensive educational resources. It facilitates effective communication, secure payment processes, and continuous improvement through feedback. Incorporating virtual technology into the role of traveling teachers expands their reach and impact. Engagement help through virtual technology promotes interactive learning experiences, access to resources, and collaboration among students. Strategies to enhance hands-on support include leveraging virtual classrooms, training sessions, and online communities. However, barriers such as the limited availability of educators, transportation logistics, and financial resources need to be addressed. Hands-on support positively impacts student achievement, leading to improved academic performance, engagement, and the development of critical skills.

A Virtual College Fair for Students Unable to Attend In-Person Events

Virtual college fairs have emerged as a groundbreaking solution to provide equal access to valuable resources for students who are unable to attend traditional in-person events. These online platforms, such as VisitDays, replicate the experience of physical college fairs by bringing together representatives from various institutions in a virtual space. Students can explore a wide range of colleges and universities, access information, and engage in interactive sessions with admissions officers and current students. Virtual college fairs offer convenience, equal access, and personalized experiences, enabling students to make informed decisions about their educational future. With the ability to network, gather resources, and customize their fair visit, virtual college fairs are transforming the college exploration process and shaping the future of higher education engagement.

VisitDays is Transforming K-12 Schools with QR Codes

QR code check-in systems have revolutionized attendance management in K-12 schools. These systems simplify the attendance tracking process, providing students with unique QR codes they can easily scan upon arrival. This streamlines the process, eliminates errors, and reduces classroom disruptions. QR code check-in systems also provide accurate and real-time attendance data, enhancing security measures, streamlining administrative processes, and empowering students to take ownership of their attendance. By embracing this technology, K-12 schools can optimize resources, increase efficiency, and create a safe and engaging learning environment for students and staff.

The Truth About Rising Tuition Costs and Discount Rates

Rising tuition costs in higher education is a significant problem, and tuition discount rates do not address the root cause, which is increasing costs. The problem is driven by administrative bloat and investment in expensive amenities, leading to increased overhead costs for students. Institutions need to find ways to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of education to make college more affordable and accessible.

College Orientation: Why Colleges and Universities are now hosting Pre-Orientation Events

Starting college is a new and exciting chapter in the lives of many students, but it can also be overwhelming for both students and their families. To help ease this transition, colleges, and universities offer orientation programs designed to familiarize incoming students with campus resources, academic expectations, and social opportunities.